DynaStretch Designed to aid in pre-surgical skin expansion

Pre-surgical Skin Expansion

DynaStretch strips are designed to aid in pre-surgical skin expansion. This expansion occurs secondarily to the continued cyclic stretching of the skin by Dynamic Tissue Systems. New surplus skin may be consistent with the surrounding tissue and can be used to span a tissue defect created by surgical excision. Gentle, dynamic tissue stretching prior to planned excision avoids leaving a skin defect and allows for a sound primary closure.
This system is non-invasive and can be applied days or weeks pre-op without hindering patient mobility or quality of life. Uses may include any procedure in which a skin graft site expansion is desired.


Results at a glance*


DynaStretch used to pre-operatively stretch the area surrounding the skin lesion

DSX24 DynaStretch Set (0.5 x 4.5")

PACK (15 packs/set)
        Small DynaStretch Strips (4/pack)

DSX38 DynaStretch Set (0.75 x 8.5")

PACK (15 packs/set)
        Large DynaStretch Strips (4/pack)

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